Steps for VRVC 2019 Registration

1. Enter to the Website Go to “VRVC EVENT HIGHLIGHT”



Choose “Sign in” for those whom already have registered to the website
If you have forgotten your password click on “Forgot Password”


After you have choosen of forget password Enter your e-mail to send reset password link

Check your email, then click on “Reset password” to proceed


If you have not registered to the website click on the “Sign up” button

We recommend for you to use the email which you normally access and then create your own password



2. Choose the type of ticket and change the quantity of your ticket from 0 to 1 (1 account will be able to buy only 1 ticket), then click "Buy Ticket” to proceed


3. Steps to request your receipt

The Association will issue your receipt from the information in this page, please double check that all of your information in this page is correct

If you would prefer for us to issue the receipt under the name of your company or your workplace, you can also choose the box in the red circle and provide your company or work place information bellow



4. Confirmation of your order
Double check your information and terms and conditions then check the box to confirm that you have read and accept the terms and conditions

Click “CONFIRM ORDER”  to proceed


5. Choose the method of payment
5.1 Payments could be done by Bank Transfer or Credit Card payment, choose th method of payment that you prefer the click “Purchase” to proceed


5.2 Payments by Bank Transfer

5.2.1 Transfer to the account under the name of “The Veterinary Practitioner Association of Thailand”
         Krungsri bank, Siam square branch, account number  123-1-208975, (Swift code: Ayudthbk) 
5.2.2 Enter the Website  Choose “UPLOAD PAYIN SLIP”
5.2.3 Upload your PAYIN SLIP or the copy of your payment detail 

5.2.4 Then “Submit”



5.3 Payment by credit card

A Pop Up from Omise will show up, you can make your payment step by step

When you have already processed your payment, there will be a confirmation email sent to you


6. Confirmation of your registration

Our Website will sent 2 confirmation e-mails as shown below



7. Check your registration status by logging to the Website choose “UPLOAD PAYIN SLIP” in the “VRVC EVENT HIGHLIGHT” page 
- If your registration is complete, the status should be “PAID”